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M.B.S Healthcare - Back Care

Back Care

Common effects of back pain include:

Back Care

– Tight or weak postural muscles, fascia, tendons and nerves causing mis-alignment of the spine and lack of overall mobility.

 – Build up of pain causing toxins in the body.

 – Physical and mental stress.

 – Compression creating excessive wear and tear, pinching of nerves etc.

 – Habit forming negative emotions and fear based thought patterns. ‘My back will never improve’  ‘ I dare not move as it causes pain’





A Back Care Class/Consultation will:

  • + Gently stretch and relax tight muscles as well as strengthen weak ones.
  • + Reduce muscular pain, and physical stress.
  • + Help in preventing mis-alignment of the spine.
  • + Assist with re-balancing major muscle groups and  increasing mobility.
  • + De-compress joints and encourage free flow of joint fluid helping to reduce and slow down wear and tear of joint surfaces (arthritis) by gentle stretching.


Our Care Programme

bc_logoThe Mind Body Soul Healthcare Back Care Courses are taken from the Dru Back Care Programme which has been successfully running in the NHS for the last 4 years. As well as setting out to dispel the myth and fear that movement of the back is ‘bad’, it also includes gentle stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxation techniques for the reasons given above.




It Really Works

Statistics show that 1 in 4 of the population in the UK will suffer from back pain during their lifetime.  Only 10% of these will require surgical treatment.   Consultants are becoming increasingly adverse to operating or even taking x –rays as a first line of action.  They are now accepting that what was once considered a basis for surgery is actually wear and tear and can be prevented or managed through complementary intervention.

Government guidelines (NICE 2009) now recommend gentle movement such as therapeutic yoga to the remaining 90% of back pain sufferers.

Scientific studies are now being undertaken providing evidence of the benefits of yoga for back pain (Tillbrook 2011 Yoga for chronic low back pain: a randomized trial. Yoga for reducing perceived stress and back pain at work N Hartfiel 2012)

yoga for back pain

How MBS Can Help

Our specially trained teachers are able to provide a personalised approach to dealing with your back care, 1 on 1 consultations and classes are available or we run several group classes around the midlands, get in touch for more information.

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