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M.B.S Healthcare http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk personal, natural medicine. Sun, 05 Oct 2014 09:58:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.13 Rosie Marks – Yoga Over The Years http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/rosie-marks-yoga/ http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/rosie-marks-yoga/#comments Sun, 28 Apr 2013 11:52:27 +0000 http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/?p=1246 I have been lucky enough to have Rosie as a yoga student for over 15 years now.  Originally she suffered from severe back problems which prevented her from bending down, and she even walked with 2 sticks. She has become my longest and most avid supporter of yoga and yoga therapy as from her own experience she knows how beneficial it can be.

One On One







As you can see Rosie no longer needs her sticks and is able to bend and stretch and experience a full range of movement without pain.

Rosie is a star pupil as she is now mindful of her own body and how she is feeling at any given time and practices her yoga accordingly.  She has arthritis in her wrists so she wears supports and instead of practicing the cat with weight going through her wrists we have modified the position so she is resting on her forearms. She continues to enjoy the benefits of relaxation in a chair as she finds this more comfortable than the floor.  This is her yoga and what is right for her now and is a perfect example of the Dru Yoga Foundation’s statement ….”the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of the ancient science of yoga” www.druworldwide.com


Arthritis has now developed in her knees.  She came along to both of my new morning yoga classes this week in Rushden and Higham Ferrers and immediately reported an improvement in her knees due to the increased gentle movement of yoga .  Rosie is living proof of the positive effect yoga can have on your life and general wellbeing.  I hope I am as much of an example of how beneficial yoga is for everyone when I am in my eighties!

As MBS Healthcare I am able to work with anybody to make improvements to their everyday life using the power of yoga. For more information please get in touch to arrange a consultation. Click Here

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MC Yogi – Be The Change – The Story of Mahatma Gandhi http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/how-to-stay-fit-happy-and-healthy/ http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/how-to-stay-fit-happy-and-healthy/#comments Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:37:09 +0000 http://bwthemes.com/themes/klinik/?p=130 Here’s a quick video setting the story of Mahatma Gandhi to music by MCYogi

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The World Peace Flame http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/world-peace-flame/ http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/world-peace-flame/#comments Sun, 08 Jul 2012 17:49:54 +0000 http://bwthemes.com/themes/klinik/?p=110 Dear All,

I just wanted to let you know about an inspiring and amazing project that has been in the creation and planning stage with a group of dedicated people for a long time and now is reaching the construction stage.  It is the World Peace Flame and Peace Pathway in the very ancient and sacred church gardens in St Pancras.  There will be a continuous flame representing world peace (similar to that constantly burning bright at Dru HQ in Snowdonia go to www.druworldwide.com) as well as the word for peace in every language being carved in stones in the garden.

Dru Peace Project

The Dru Foundation has been involved in fund raising for this inspiring project (see attached for some fund raising events held and to be held by Dru)  and all Dru yoga teachers have been asked to approach their students for a voluntary donation of just 15p at every class so if you do attend my classes, just to let you know that I will be having a World Peace Flame donation tin available.  For our next class details, click here.

Even if you cannot attend my classes you may feel inspired to be part of a huge global message for peace and contribute 15p, 50p or £1 – or more – (bank details are supplied on the attached WPF Week of Prayer for World Peace Organisation file)

Please feel free to forward these details to all your contacts to spread the word and inspiration.

The World Peace Flames being erected around the planet, the e-mails such as this, conversations and the action of giving a donation to such a good cause all contribute to making world peace not just a far off dream but a reality that we have all created through our positive connected thoughts of peace and our simple action of giving.

Om Shanti (Peace)


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Islam and the Environment – A speech by HRH The Prince Of Wales http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/light-and-breezy-theme/ http://mbs-healthcare.co.uk/light-and-breezy-theme/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:10:07 +0000 http://bwthemes.com/themes/wellness/?p=628 A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales titled Islam and the Environment, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
Published on 9th June 2010

Over the years, I have pointed out again and again that our environmental problems cannot be solved simply by applying yet more and more of our brilliant green technology – important though it is. It is no good just fixing the pump and not the well. 

When I say this, everybody nods sagely, but I get the impression that many are often unwilling to embrace what I am really referring to, perhaps because the missing element sits outside the parameters of the prevailing secular view. It is this “missing element” that I would like to examine today. 

In short, when we hear talk of an “environmental crisis” or even of a “financial crisis,” I would suggest that this is actually describing the outward consequences of a deep, inner crisis of the soul. It is a crisis in our relationship with – and our perception of – Nature, and it is born of Western culture being dominated for at least two hundred years by a mechanistic and reductionist approach to our scientific understanding of the world around us. 

So I would like you to consider very seriously today whether a big part of the solution to all of our worldwide “crises” does not lie simply in more and better technology, but in the recovery of the soul to the mainstream of our thinking. Our science and technology cannot do this. Only sacred traditions have the capacity to help this happen.

In general, we live within a culture that does not believe very much in the soul anymore – or if it does, won’t admit to it publicly for fear of being thought old fashioned, out of step with “modern imperatives” or “anti-scientific.” The empirical view of the world, which measures it and tests it, has become the only view to believe. A purely mechanistic approach to problems has somehow assumed a position of great authority and this has encouraged the widespread secularisation of society that we see today. This is despite the fact that those men of science who founded institutions like the Royal Society were also men of deep faith. It is also despite the fact that a great many of our scientists today profess a faith in God. I am aware of one recent survey that suggests over seventy per cent of scientists do so. 

I must say, I find this rather baffling. If this is so, why is it that their sense of the sacred has so little bearing on the way science is employed to exploit the natural world in so many damaging ways? 

I suppose it must be to do with who pays the fiddler. Over the last two centuries, science has become ever more firmly yoked to the ambitions of commerce. Because there are such big economic benefits from such a union, society has been persuaded that there is nothing wrong here. And so, a great deal of empirical research is now driven by the imperative that its findings must be employed to maximum, financial effect, whatever the impact this may have on the Earth’s long-term capacity to endure. 

This imbalance, where mechanistic thinking is so predominant, goes back at least to Galileo’s assertion that there is nothing in Nature but quantity and motion. This is the view that continues to frame the general perception of the way the world works and how we fit within the scheme of things. As a result, Nature has been completely objectified – “She” has become an “it” – and we are persuaded to concentrate on the material aspect of reality that fits within Galileo’s scheme.

Understanding the world from a mechanical point of view and then employing that knowledge has, of course, always been part of the development of human civilization, but as our technology has become ever more sophisticated and our industrialized methods so much more powerful, so the level of destruction is now potentially all the more widespread and un-containable, especially if you add into this mix the emphasis we have on consumerism. 

It was that great scientist, Goethe, who saw life as the masculine principle striving endlessly to reach the “eternal feminine” – what the Greeks called “Sophia,” or wisdom. It is a striving, he said, fired by the force of love. I am not sure that this is quite the way things happen today. Our striving in the industrialized world is certainly not fired by a love of wisdom. It is far more focussed on the desire for the greatest possible financial profit. 

This ignores the spiritual teachings of traditions like Islam, which recognize that it is not our animal needs that are absolute; it is our spiritual essence, an essence made for the infinite. But with consumerism now such a key element in our economic model, our natural, spiritual desire for the infinite is constantly being reflected towards the finite. Our spiritual perspective has been flattened and made earthbound and we are persuaded to channel all of our natural, never-ending desire for what Islamic poets called “the Beloved” towards nothing but more and more material commodities. Unfortunately we forget that our spiritual desire can never be completely satisfied. It is rightly a never-ending desire. But when that desire is focussed only on the earthly, it becomes potentially disastrous.

The hunger for yet more and more things creates an alarming vacuum and, as we are now realizing, this does great harm to the Earth and creates a never ending unhappiness for many, many people.

I hope you can just begin to see my point. The utter dominance of the mechanistic approach of science over everything else, including religion, has “de-souled” the dominant world view, and that includes our perception of Nature. As soul is elbowed out of the picture, our deeper link with the natural world is severed. Our sense of the spiritual relationship between humanity, the Earth and her great diversity of life has become dim. The entire emphasis is all on the mechanical process of increasing growth in the economy, of making every process more “efficient” and achieving as much convenience as possible. None of which could be said to be an ambition of God. And so, unfashionable though it is to suggest it, I am keen to stress here the need to heal this divide within ourselves. How else can we heal the divide between East and West unless we reconcile the East and West within ourselves? Everything in Nature is a paradox and seems to carry within itself the paradox of opposites. Curiously, this maintains the essential balance. Only human beings seem to introduce imbalance. The task is surely to reconnect ourselves with the wisdom found in Nature which is stressed by each of the sacred traditions in their own way.

My understanding of Islam is that it warns that to deny the reality of our inner being leads to an inner darkness which can quickly extend outwards into the world of Nature. If we ignore the calling of the soul, then we destroy Nature. To understand this we have to remember that we are Nature, not inanimate objects like stones; we reflect the universal patterns of Nature. And in this way, we are not a part that can somehow disengage itself and take a purely objective view. 

From what I know of the Qu’ran, again and again it describes the natural world as the handiwork of a unitary benevolent power. It very explicitly describes Nature as possessing an “intelligibility” and that there is no separation between Man and Nature, precisely because there is no separation between the natural world and God. It offers a completely integrated view of the Universe where religion and science, mind and matter are all part of one living, conscious whole. We are, therefore, finite beings contained by an infinitude, and each of us is a microcosm of the whole. This suggests to me that Nature is a knowing partner, never a mindless slave to humanity, and we are Her tenants; God’s guests for all too short a time. 


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